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Our uniformly trained security officers will provide the safety and security you need...



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Maxi Agency covers security needs for all types of special events...


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Loss Prevention

Building effective controls in your business, monitoring and adapting controls...

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Our security officer training is the most complete on the market and is designed and modified by the laws of the Ministry of Public Security in Quebec. Training

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Loss prevention

Loss prevention


At AMSP, we recognize that as a company, you are exposed to significant problems of theft and other possible losses, and that you absolutely need to consider them in your financial results to remain profitable. Maxi Security and Protection Agency can offer you business solutions to prevent and considerably reduce these losses, in order to gain financial efficiencies across your operations.

Maxi Security and Protection Agency now offers a new integrated loss prevention program that encloses traditional prevention approaches and operational strategies and tools that will minimize all types of losses. Our Prevention Officers will work in partnership with you to recover important amounts of money that should be part of your financial benefits again. This program is supported by our Investigation Department.

Losses due to theft must not be part of your daily realities and affect negatively your financial results, you can control them! Our complete prevention program includes a number of methods and operational strategies to considerably reduce the amount of:

  • Employee theft of:
    • Merchandise
    • Goods consumed in store (without paying)
    • Money
    • Time
  • Shoplifting by:
    • Clients
    • Suppliers
  • Administrative errors (Operational errors):
    • Labor
    • Inventory

Finally, we invite you to take some of your valuable time to meet and allow us to properly introduce our approach, our tools and show you how our company stands out for its effectiveness and how it can help you improve efficiency and reduce all types of losses.


Our services target companies that want to intercept in-store theft and internal fraud. Loss prevention agents will patrol the store pretending to be shoppers, in order to limit shoplifting losses, which is theft of goods from a retail establishment.
All of our agents have taken a specific training to execute floor detective tasks and self-defence techniques to help them manage aggressive behaviour if needed when arresting shoplifters. Maxi Security and Protection Agency believes in training, continuous education and performance recognition of its agents to stand out from the competition and offer more visible results. Our services include:

  • Interception and arrests of shoplifters
  • Detection and reporting on in-store theft & fraud

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