Uniformed Security Officers

Our uniformly trained security officers will provide the safety and security you need...



Special Events

Maxi Agency covers security needs for all types of special events...


Mobile Patrols

Our Mobile Patrol is backed up by constant communication with our 24-Hour on-call service centre enabling us to provide reliable service at all times...


Loss Prevention

Building effective controls in your business, monitoring and adapting controls...

Security officer training

Our security officer training is the most complete on the market and is designed and modified by the laws of the Ministry of Public Security in Quebec. Training

Our services

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Mobile patrols and alarm response

Mobile patrols and alarm response

Patrol services

With Maxi Security & Protection Agency, you can be assured that your business will be safe and secure. Our offer consists of vehicle patrol services, visits of client’s installations, inside or outside buildings verifications, day or night time, for organizations of all sizes.

Mobile units are equipped with communication, signalisation, fire prevention, first aid and other immediate sanitation equipment to ensure reliable and quality service is provided. Whether the visits of clients' installations are specific or random, you can be sure that the services will be put in place to fill your organisation needs.

Patrol service can be requested to prevent vandalism, theft, to reassure your clients and employees that your place is safe, and because it can give you more flexibility than a regular guarding service. It can be a solution to various fields, like construction sites after working hours, municipalities and public security, shopping malls and many more.


Maxi Security & Protection Agency officers use mobile wireless devices in the field to maintain communication with all personnel.
Our Mobile Patrol is backed up by constant communication with our 24-Hour on-call service centre enabling us to provide reliable service at all times.

Alarm response

The moment an alarm signal is received, our team is swiftly dispatched to proceed to a verification and intervention if needed. Upon the completion of a thorough investigation of the occurrence, client is contacted and debriefed right away. Our team will stay in position to offer immediate assistance and wait until the place is secure.

Agence Maxi Sécurité et Protection

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