Uniformed Security Officers

Our uniformly trained security officers will provide the safety and security you need...



Special Events

Maxi Agency covers security needs for all types of special events...


Mobile Patrols

Our Mobile Patrol is backed up by constant communication with our 24-Hour on-call service centre enabling us to provide reliable service at all times...


Loss Prevention

Building effective controls in your business, monitoring and adapting controls...

Security officer training

Our security officer training is the most complete on the market and is designed and modified by the laws of the Ministry of Public Security in Quebec. Training

Our services

Resources humainesSurveillanceguard Service de patrouillesurvInvestigation


901 Ste-Croix, St-Laurent, Montréal
(Quebec), H4L 3Y5

T:   514 747-7642 ext. 2
E:   info@agencemaxi.com

Our mission

Our mission is to compete successfully for market share in any segments we enter in security, by satisfying our customers’ preferences better than the competition. We wish to optimize customers’ advantages to have security in their company, and this will be done in a manner that is profitable, socially responsible, sustainable and creates value for the company.

Our Vision

To be recognized in Quebec’s private security industry, by offering superior quality services to our customers, and by responding efficiently to our customers’ requirements. Our goal is also to develop new markets by promoting our unique business concept, which combines agency and academy for security agent.

Our Values

· Flexibility : Through all our organization’s structure as well as in the services we offer, flexibility is an important element of Maxi Agency quality services. Our decentralized structure allows our sales representant a greater range of possibilities to adapt our offer to the particular needs of our clientele.

· Striving for Excellence : At A.M.S.P., we are conscious of the importance of security agent’s response in an emergency situation. This is why we focus on excellence and perseverance to offer quality and security to our customers. Each one of our agents have taken  a rigorous training at Maximum Academy and master many important theoretical aspects of security’s interventions, which we think are essential gears to be a good security guard. Our very well experienced executive team follows very closely the work of our agents to guarantee constancy in the quality of our services.

  • Passion: From its head office members to the agents directly on the ground, Maxi Agency  gathers people motivated by the security field. Their daily engagement, enthusiasm and the true passion express by our team let us offer always more to our customers and help us reach excellence.
  • Respect human being: At Maxi Agency,we are conscious that human resources are a key factor of success, and especially in security. We see diversity as a positive feature and we want people to recognize us as a company who respect and take care of its people. In opposition to much larger organizations, our employees are important for us. We know personally each one of our agents and also value their opinions in the general interest of the company.
  • Integrity: Integrity is essential to establish a trustworthy relation with customers.  Maxi Agency puts all its trust in its agents and thus requires the respect of the strictest code of ethics. This way we make sure that our services and our methods are better quality. Honesty, respect and communication of important information are key elements of this fundamental value.

Agence Maxi Sécurité et Protection

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