Uniformed Security Officers

Our uniformly trained security officers will provide the safety and security you need...



Special Events

Maxi Agency covers security needs for all types of special events...


Mobile Patrols

Our Mobile Patrol is backed up by constant communication with our 24-Hour on-call service centre enabling us to provide reliable service at all times...


Loss Prevention

Building effective controls in your business, monitoring and adapting controls...



The goal of our investigation department is to help you take action against certain abuses that you or your company may be victim of...

Security officer training

Our security officer training is the most complete on the market and is designed and modified by the laws of the Ministry of Public Security in Quebec. Training

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Security officer training

Maxi Agency security guards have all taken a specific training at Maximum Security & Inv. Academy. Established and accredited since 2005, Maximum Academy offers full and complete quality training to security agents.
OUR SECURITY AGENT TRAINING includes all the following basic classes:

  • Security agent
  • Building management and responsabilities
  • Loss prevention, investigation and infiltration
  • SMEAC (Strikes, protests and special events)
  • Initiation to self defense techniques
  • Fire prevention and dangerous materials (SIMDUT)
  • CSST (advanced first aid and first emergency responder, cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED))

SELF-DEFENCE TECHNIQUES and specialized courses

Some of our agents have narrowed their career orientation by taking  specialization classes that provide security agents with an internationally recognized competency card and a certified diploma.

  • Introduction to self-defence techniques, controlling and enforcing rules and regulations.    (included in the basic training)
  • MOAB  Management of aggressive behavior (Preventive attitudes and physical control towards aggressive behaviour, recognising different personality types, nonverbal, verbal or physical communication)  (included in the basic training)
  • MOAB  Practical approaches and techniques
  • ACCP   Understanding the escalading and the continuum in the use of force (included in the basic training)
  • P.P.P.S.  Understanding and using pressure point control tactics
  • M.D.T.S.  Monadnock Articular Control
  • Techniques for using handcuffs and frisking procedures     
  • C.P.I. Strategies for intervening in crisis situations (psychiatric, hospitals, high schools, etc.)
  • M.E.B. Nightstick or telescopic stick
  • PR24   Police night sticks
  • Strong Arm   Protection gear when controlling crowds
  • Quick stick   Police stick or nightsticks, crowd control
  • Self-defence techniques against arms (knives, etc...)
  • Defence systems against guns and other firearms
  • Nocturnal defence strategies and flashlight deployments
  • S.E.E. Weapons (Approach and evaluation)
  • PERSUASION Mini stick on key chain

OTHER TRAINING PROGRAMS available at the Academy:

  • Body guard
  • Loss prevention officer (dressed as a civilian in stores)


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